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The Social Bamboo Podcast

Speed up Content Production and Various Algorithm Hacks

One of the first things we can do to improve how our content trends is use more consistent and favorable colors. Specifically, Jean referenced the Chase Bank blue and how it's too dark for Instagram and how lighter shades of blue tend to work better. Now unfortunately there's no true definitive list of every color that works best on Instagram, but it's theorized that opting for brighter shades of colors is what you want to aim for. Again, though theories, they come from analysis over time and what you should do is take a look at your content at a...

The Social Bamboo Podcast

How to Sell Products on Instagram

Whether you're a local store owner or starting an online e-commerce business you need a really good product to be successful. I know it sounds obvious, but this is much easier said than done. Most e-commerce businesses nowadays might be new entrepreneurs doing print-on-demand, drop shipping or Amazon FBA and though they're all viable business models that are likely using Amazon research tools and other services to see what products are selling, most don't have very much competition....

The Social Bamboo Podcast

How to Fix a Shadowban (AKA Low Hashtag Impressions)

Low hashtag impressions are crippling to your engagement and can stem from a few different scenarios. Often times, it's easy to blame the cause being what's known as a "Shadowban" on your account in which Instagram limits your content reach by restricting your content's visibility on the platform. While there is a way to remove a Shadowban, it's important to figure out whether this is the actual cause of your low hashtag impressions and poor engagement or not....

The Social Bamboo Podcast

7 Tests to See if your eCommerce Product is Scalable

Whoever can spend the most to acquire customers wins. This is likely a phrase you've heard before in the marketing space, and it only makes sense, right? It's easy to assume whichever company has the most money comes out ahead against their competitors. But what it REALLY means is the companies that can spend $10 and still profitably acquire a customer versus the ones that can only spend $5 are the ones that are going to be able to scale ads to really make their efforts fruitful...

The Social Bamboo Podcast

7 Techniques to Grow an Instagram Following Quickly

One of the most popular topics and desires in having an Instagram (or any social media) account is how to grow your following. In this article we're going to look at seven different of the most commonly taught growth strategies, some of which I don't advocate. However, they're still important to cover because despite not being what I would consider a "best practice" other people suggest them and it's, at the very least, important to know what they are and ultimately your decision whether you choose to use those tactics. So let's get started by going over these seven important topics...

The Social Bamboo Podcast

7 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Content

Over time the Instagram algorithm has become increasingly competitive, making it more difficult for the quality of your content to trend with hashtags or the explore page. Short of buying a professional quality camera or hiring a crew to edit your work, there's 7 ways to instantly level up your content that you can actually apply starting on your next post. The first tip, which I've spoken about before, is making 4:5 vertical content. This size for your images seems to trend quite a bit better than horizontal or square images. The reason for this is because the algorithm favors...